Disciplinary Policy

The Maryhill Harriers Disciplinary policy provides a framework and process for any club related disciplinary action, should it be required. It is a tool to address unacceptable conduct or behaviour promptly, fairly and consistently. On occasion, it may be necessary to impose a sanction if the conduct or behaviour is unacceptable. This policy reflects national guidance on managing disciplinary matters issued by scottishathletics.

It aims to:

  • provide a clear understanding of the club disciplinary policy
  • provide guidance on how the procedure should be followed

Its guiding principles are that Maryhill Harriers will:

  • Treat you fairly, equally and consistently
  • Establish the basic facts of any disciplinary issue and identify whether it is proven and amounts to misconduct or gross misconduct, and then follow the relevant process
  • Investigate promptly and thoroughly, establishing the facts as clearly as possible
  • Allow you to put forward your case and listen to your views and any mitigating circumstances
  • Give you a full written explanation of any disciplinary action
  • Give you an opportunity to appeal any formal disciplinary action
  • Encourage you to be accompanied at disciplinary meetings

This policy applies to any person who is a member of Maryhill Harriers and includes athletes, volunteers, coaches [whether club members or independent coaches working with club member athletes] and parents. This policy takes precedent over any previous Maryhill Harriers disciplinary policy and procedures.

Download the full Disciplinary Policy.