Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct

Maryhill Harriers will:

  • Ensure that all coaches and volunteers hold the appropriate qualifications.
  • Adopt national policies and codes of good practice in relation to the athlete’s welfare.
  • Ensure that club officers and volunteers always act responsibly and set an example to younger members.
  • Appoint a designated Welfare Officer who is provided with appropriate training and periodic updating, to act as the first point of contact in cases of concern about the athlete’s welfare and make their contact details known to organisations.
  • Liaise appropriately with other key persons, including parents, carers, officials, coaches and sports scientists.
  • Ensure that good practice is followed.
  • Carry out their duty of care within relevant legislation and government guidance as well as recommendation and guidelines from scottishathletics and UKA. scottishathletics Policies can be accessed via the scottishathletics Safeguarding portal at scottishathletics Safeguarding
  • Operate within the guidelines of the club’s Welfare Policies which are aligned and support scottishathletics Welfare Policies.

The Athlete should:      

  • Treat others with the same respect and fairness that they wish to receive.
  • Uphold the same values away from the sport as they do when engaged in athletics.
  • Anticipate their own needs, be organised and on time.
  • Thank those who help them participate in athletics.
  • Inform their coaches of any other coaching they are receiving.
  • Show patience with and respect diversity in others.
  • Act with dignity at all times.
  • Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as they find them.
  • Never engage in any illegal or irresponsible behaviour.
  • Challenge anyone whose behaviour falls below the expected standards of Athletics’ Welfare.
  • Speak out immediately if anything makes them concerned or uncomfortable (telling parents, carers or the Club Welfare Officer) or if a club mate has suffered from misconduct by someone else.
  • Not use inappropriate language whilst at or representing the club.
  • Not send inappropriate communications that may be misconstrued.
  • Respect and adhere to scottishathletics Code of Conduct Policies can be accessed via the scottishathletics Safeguarding portal at scottishathletics Safeguarding