Nigel Barge 10k

Nigel Barge 10k Road Race

The Nigel Barge 10k road race organised by the Maryhill Harriers is one of the oldest races in the local race calendar. It has been run every year since 1943.

Who was Nigel Barge?

The race commemorates Nigel Barge who was killed in action in Dunkirk during World War II. Nigel was an outstanding officer who trained as a Royal Engineer and was killed at Dunkirk. He came top of his class at Woolwich (“The Shop”) and had helped prepare and map defences around Dunkirk. He assisted in the repairing of small craft to ensure the debarkation of his comrades. Nigel was also a licensed pilot and a keen athlete. His father was Kenneth Barge, late of the Bengal Lancers, a member of the committee of Maryhill Harriers.

The Nigel Barge race was first run on 1st January 1943 and has kept its place in the January fixture list today. We have also added a 3k Junior race for those aged between 9 and 15.


The race is an undulating two lap course starting and finishing in the Garscube Sports Complex. It runs through the sports estate, onto Bearsden Road, Temple Road, down Dawsholm Road over the River Kelvin, up to Maryhill Road and back into the complex.

You can view the course at:

Course records

Category Name Club Time Year


2017 see all results

Category Name Club Time
M Weyneay Ghebresilassie Shettleston Harriers 31:10
F Jenny Bannerman Inverness Harriers 36:01

2016 see all results

Category Name Club Time
M Mickey Breen Corstorphine/Dundee Uni/Dumfries RC 32:38
F Hayley Haining Kilbarchan AAC 35:55

2015 see all results

Category Name Club Time
M Michael Deason Shettleston/Glasgow Uni 31:49
F Lyndsay Morrison Central 35:55

2014 see all results

Category Name Club Time
M Russell White Dromore/Stirling Uni 32:36
F Carla Molinaro Bellahouston RR/Army 37:59

2014 Junior 3k see all results

Category Name Club Time
M A Smith Garscube Harriers 11:03
F Emma Gilmour Victoria Park 11:30


2013 see all results

Category Name Club Time
M Stuart Gibson Cambuslang/Whitemoss 32:44
F Ruth Joss Giffnock North/Glasgow Uni 38:10