It was a beautiful sunny Friday night in Pollok Park for this year’s club 10k Championship, the Brian Goodwin 10k. With 1st place in the Merit League sewn up for the men, only second place still wasn’t decided. Rory was hoping to get yet another trophy for the season, but Kevin was there to put the pressure on and Craig wanted to try and retain his title and keep me at bay to come second in the league. However for the ladies title, it was all to play for. Depending on how the results panned out in this race either Cat or Lynsey could win the title but Cat would need to run a PB or take the title to win the league.

A great turn out saw 12 Harriers go out on the two lap course, with Caroline coming along for support too. As we lined up at the start line, we each picked out little individual battles. Kevin and Rory for the title, Craig and I to get second place in the league, Natalie and Scott would be an interesting battle too, and the all important fight for Cat to potentially snatch the league title from Lynsey.

From the get go, I knew that Craig had got second place; he shot off with Rory and Kevin and they ran together for a while before they became more spread out. Just at the start of the second lap, Rory started to build up a bit of ground on his two challengers as Kevin and Craig had to battle it out for best of the rest. Kevin managed to hold on to his 2nd place while Craig’s efforts resulted in a massive PB! Well done to him! After suffering with chest pains during the weeks in the run up to this race, I really struggled to keep in touch with the front group and began to spectacularly blow up!

Behind me, Scott and Natalie ran together for around about the first half before Scott began to pull away from Natalie and then past me to take 4th place on the road and power towards his fastest 10k in two years. Natalie then kicked on to try and catch Scott, taking me out in the process, but couldn’t quite catch him. Despite my struggles, I still achieved a PB of well over two minutes. Alisdair and James were both in no-man’s land, that little bit too far away from the next fastest and the next slowest so each ran their own race and achieved very respectable times.

The classic battle between Chris and Kenny never disappoints and this was no different, Chris getting the better of Kenny this time round by a good distance. The exciting race however was at the back, between Cat and Linda. If Cat came in ahead of Linda she would win the merit league, but if Linda came in before her then Lynsey would win. We all stood on the corner with bated breath to see who would win this battle. It was Linda that did Lynsey a favour by coming in over the line first, meaning Cat would have to settle for 2nd place in the league, finishing behind Lynsey by a single point. A thrilling end to yet another season of racing with the Maryhill Harriers!

In the short term, what does this race mean? Rory gets the 10k title for the men and extends his lead at the top of the league table. Craig’s PB keeps a substantial gap between me and him but in turn my PB keeps me ahead of Scott. Natalie wins the women’s 10k title, while Lynsey wins the women’s league as Cat comes second. Well done to our 10k champions Natalie and Rory and the 2019 Merit League winners Lynsey and Rory!

Race Results
80th: Rory Clark 37:22 (PB And Men’s 10k Champion)
84th: Kevin Campbell 38:00
101st: Craig Perrie 38:42 (PB)
140th: Scott Coulter 41:01
157th: Natalie Somerville 41:48 (Women’s 10k Champion)
162nd: Finn Boyd 42:14 (PB)
243rd: Alisdair Kinniburgh 45:56
261st: James Prior 46:51
294th: Chris Hever 48:51
316th: Kenny Henderson 50:15
320th: Linda Sinclair 50:25
329th: Cat Nisbet 51:09

Merit League Top 3s
1st: Rory Clark, 284 points
2nd: Craig Perrie, 273 points
3rd: Finn Boyd, 268 points

1st: Lynsey McLaughlin, 264 points
2nd: Cat Nisbet, 263 points
3rd: Margaret Peebles, 249 points

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