Cold, wet, windy, snowy. Not exactly textbook conditions for a half marathon but 8 Maryhill Harriers braved the conditions to compete in the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon. Starting just down from the Lomond Shores shops, the race continues out along the canal via Renton, Dumbarton and Bowling towards Clydebank. A change from last year, saw the finish line moved further up the final straight which confused runners, volunteers and spectators alike. Where they made up the distance, I have no idea!

Craig. Scott and I started off together and ran comfortably within a few yards of each other before I started to break away from the other two. Rory, who had to fight through the pack to reach us powered on to catch us around 8 miles, and from there he and I ran side by side until about 11 miles. At this point Rory turned to say he wouldn’t be able to keep this pace up so, with eyes on a possible 35 points, I pushed on. Coming into the final straight I put in a last push to finish with a flourish and keep Rory at bay, mere seconds between the two of us and PBs for us both. Only a couple of minutes further down the course Craig, who after Rory left him decided to leave us to our battle for the title, comfortably consolidated his 3rd place although Scott put in an almighty effort to the line to gift him his first ever sub 90-minute half. Natalie, in her first club race for a while, was the next to come in; a fantastic run from our new female Half Marathon Champion as she held off the chasing pack for a top 10 finish in her age category! James put a strong effort in on the closing straight, his reward being a bonus 5 points for the merit league table as he came in with a PB well over a minute faster than last year. Then came the race we were all waiting for; Nisbet vs Hever! Chris lead Cat for the majority of the race before, in the closing few miles, Cat pushed past him and didn’t really look back. They came into the final straight with maybe ten metres at most between them and we stood on the side lines with bated breath. Chris, with the finish line in sight, pushed for a trademark sprint finish but Cat could hear our cheers and knew that Chris was close behind. She turned it up and crossed the finish line less than ten seconds ahead of Chris. We were all cold and wet but enjoyed our runs whether they were PBs or just totting up the points for the league table. Natalie earns her first points of the season while there are bonus points for Rory, Scott, James and me. The results, courtesy of Stuweb, are as follows:

70th – Finn Boyd (68th Male, 2nd MJUN) 1:27:44

73rd – Rory Clark (71st Male, 38th MSEN) 1:27:51

87th – Craig Perrie (85th Male, 34th MV40) 1:29:09

96th – Scott Coulter (93rd Male, 48th MSEN) 1:29:54

172nd – Natalie Somerville (21st Female, 10th FSEN) 1:40:48

210th – James Prior (175th Male, 74th MV40) 1:44:14

245th – Cat Nisbet (47th Female, 26th FSEN) 1:48:53

248th – Chris Hever (201st Male, 20th MV50) 1:49:01

Congratulations to the new Maryhill Harriers Half Marathon champions, Finn Boyd and Natalie Somerville.

Pictures at Balloch to Clydebank half marathon 2019

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