Six Maryhill Harriers embarked on the tough run that is Ruchill parkrun this morning, accompanied by Kieran, Caroline and Chris G offering moral support. A last minute change of plan looked to be in order as trees had been felled due to the midweek storms, but the course was cleared and we were good to go at 9:30.

In a field of 64 parkrunners, I got off to a good start, powering away with the eventual run winner before dying on the Whale Tail at the end of the first lap. Even Caroline’s cheers weren’t enough to spur me on to catch the leader, or keep ahead of the next few runners gaining on me quickly. A first-placed time of just over 17 minutes meant my title from last week had been well and truly stripped form me, but I still finished in a strong time just over 20 minutes.

An almighty battle was going on in the middle of the field though as Chris H, James, Alisdair and Cat (on her debut) jostled for position in the first mile and a half before they became more separated. Towards the end of the second lap James and Alisdair began to pull away and Chris latched onto them as well, as Kieran cheered and took photos from the sidelines. Margaret, nursing an injury from the previous week on the same course, took the corners gingerly so as not to risk doing further damage to her ankle, but looked comfortable throughout. On the final stretch, Alisdair and James pushed each other to both go sub-24 and collect top twenty finish tokens from Chris G. Chris H came in not too far behind in just over that margin, while Cat on her first appearance came in with a respectable time of slightly over 25 minutes, which considering the gradient difference between her home run of Pollok and Ruchill is an impressive showing, and Margaret came in around 28 minutes.

After the run, everyone seemed very pleased with their performances and are all in good form for the upcoming George Cummings Relay in two weeks time.

Official Ruchill parkrun times:

5th – Finn Boyd 20:02
18th – James Prior 23:47
20th – Alisdair John Kinniburgh 23:55
22nd – Chris Hever 24:14
28th – Catriona Nisbet 25:15
39th – Margaret Peebles 28:04

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