After Glasgow had baked in 24 degree sunshine during the day, it was a relief to see the temperature cooling slightly for our annual Club Trail Race in Blanefield. This race incorporates a gradual 3 mile climb up Campsie Dene Road before a rapid descent onto the West Highland Way path, where the energy sapping hills and lack of shade can make this a tough slog when the conditions are tough.

9 runners made the trip this year along with Joe as designated race starter. Kevin and Craig both set the pace early on followed by Finn and I running the first 3 miles together. Following the downhill at Glengoyne distillery, I was able to stretch out a bit of a lead going into the tough hilly section and consolidate 3rd place. Ahead of me, Kevin and stormed away into a commanding lead, not helped by Craig missing a turn and losing a bit of time. After turning into Blanefield for the last uphill stretch, and spurred on by Joes encouragement, I made a mad dash to try and come in under the 52 minutes. The deceivingly long hill scuppered these plans however I was plased to come in around 15 seconds quicker than last year.

After Finn came in shortly after, there was an almighty battle going on between Mick, James, Kenny and Lynsey. Mick had managed to take off on the downhill into Blanefield, building up just enough of a lead to hold off a ‘taps aff’ James, with Kenny and Lynsey coming in shortly afterwards followed by Margaret.

Post race reflections were very positive, with the cooler conditions resulting in vastly improved times for everyone compared to previous years. Congratulations to both Kevin and Lynsey, this years Trail Race Champions who both ran excellent races.

Times below taken from Strava :

Kevin Campbell – 47:07

Craig Perrie – 51:51

Scott Coulter – 52.07

Finn  Boyd – 56.21

Mick McCartney – 59:40

James Prior – 59:59

Kenny Henderson – 1:00:39

Lynsey Parker – 1:00:59

Margaret Peebles – 1:04:39

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