This year’s Balloch to Clydebank half marathon took place under very mild conditions. In fact later on in the race it was quite warm with a slight breeze in places to help keep cool. The race this year has a very different start to normal. Due to building work next to Lomond Shores, the start was at the end of Piers Road before then taking quite a detour down to the harbour and then three miles along the river Leven (the reverse of part of the Vale of Leven 10K polaroid), before climbing up off the river and to join the original route on Main Street, Renton. The rest of the race was the usual route through Dumbarton, Milton and Bowling before finishing through the business park in Clydebank. The race was won by Robert Gilroy (Ronhill Cambuslang) in 1.09:11. The first lady was Gemma Rankin (Kilbarchan) in 1.18:12. There were 386 finishers.

The Balloch to Clydebank half marathon acts as our half marathon championship as well as a merit league race. This year, the men’s championship was won by Andy Sutherland, with Natalie Somerville winning the ladies championship. Special mention to Kieran Sullivan and Scott Coulter who both set PBs, especially Scott who smashed his by six minutes.
Results for harriers:

84th: Andy Sutherland (1.27:06)- Men’s Half Marathon Champion
96th: Alan Richardson (1.29.14)
115th: Scott Coulter (1.30:53, PB)
123rd: Kieran Sullivan (1.32:09, PB)
154th: Natalie Somerville (1.35:59)- Ladies Half Marathon Champion
347th: Catriona Nisbet (2.01:38)
361st: Margaret Peebles (2.09:41)

Many thanks for the officials and marshalls for a very well organised race (as usual). Special mention to the marshalls from Maryhill who were strategically placed near the end to cheer us on when we needed it most!

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