This year’s Bannerman merit league race was the same format as we’ve had for the last two years, with the seniors running 1 mile (4 laps of the track) as part of a relay team with the juniors. Heavy rain just before the race meant that about 15-20 metres of the track was submerged which meant for interesting race strategies. Some folk went straight through this puddle while others went around it! The seniors took off together and ran their mile first followed by the juniors with the secondary kids doing two laps and primary kids doing one. A great time was had by all, especially me when Margaret got the chocolate bars out at the end…
Anyway, the results and times for the seniors were:

1. Andy Sutherland (5.18)
2. Craig White (5.20)
3. Mick McCartney (6.20)
4. John Weir (6.30)
5. Chris Hever (6.53)
6. Joe McCartney (7.03)
7. Liz Towers. (7.05)
8. Margaret Peebles (7.20)

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