Maryhill had a total of 8 runners at today’s Kirkintilloch 12.5km, a race which has been a regular of the clubs running calendar for the past 10 years.
Conditions were cold but dry with a bit of a breeze depending upon where you were on the course. The route is particularly tough with more hills than Rome.

I set off in the middle of the pack, at a 4:30 min/km pace, and managed to keep this going all the way, quite often runners would pass you on the downhill’s only for you to take them again on the up hills, such is the nature of the course. It was noticeable that some had tired legs at the last hill, but I felt good and cheered on by Andy, Craig, Gordon and Evelyn (who had come along to support us) I ran in a strong finish.
It is a well organised race with plenty of marshals.

Race winner Kerry-Liam Wilson, Ronhill Cambuslang 41:32, first female Carla Molinaro, Bellahouston Road Runners 49:44. The total number of runners was 270.
Maryhill results:
Craig White 13th 49:29 PB
Andy Sutherland 27th 50:49 PB
Duncan Riddell 75th 56:08 PB
Catriona Nisbet 135th 61:57 PB
Michael Kemp 144th 62:43 PB
Chris Hever 172nd 65:14
Linda Sinclair 186th 66:33 PB
Fletcher Murdoch 245th 74:40

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