In recent years our club Christmas handicap has been plagued with icy/snowy conditions leading to last minute changes to the course. However, with this year’s mild weather, it looked like we might actually get to do our precisely measured 5K course which is two laps of Acre Road, Maryhill Road and Caldercuilt Road.

While the conditions underfoot on the day weren’t too bad (apart from leaves on Maryhill Road), the stormy gale force winds and torrential race made it pretty difficult running conditions. Nevertheless thirteen seniors and twenty two juniors (separate report to follow) lined up to do their respective races.

The winner of the seniors’ race was Natalie in a time of 19.41. The complete results are:

1. Natalie Haran
2. Linda Sinclair
3. Michael Kemp
4. Kieran Sullivan
5. Margaret Peebles
6. Catriona Nisbit
7. Duncan Riddell
8. Chris Hever
9. Kenny Stevenson
10. Fletcher Murdoch
11. Craig White
12. John Weir
13. Alastair Kinniburgh

Apologies, that we have not times! Due to the weather, technical difficulties were encountered with our equipment.
Special mention for Chris and Mick for doing a good job in sorting out the handicap times. This worked really well for most runners with nearly everyone coming together in the last third of the 2nd lap. Special mention also to all the parents and others for coming out and supporting the club. I think everyone enjoyed the event and appreciated the much needed coffee/tea/hot chocolate and cakes in the riding school afterwards.

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