Sixteen teams took part in this 40 mile relay, ran in conjunction with the full ultramarathon. Maryhill had two teams competing MaryhillBillies with Kieran, Jamie, Craig and Andy were Team A and Team B the MaryDolls, contained Cat, Sarah, Chris and Duncan.
Expectations were high, at least for the “Hillbillies” as the teams took off with the 100+ ultra runners from Partick Railway stn along the Clyde Walkway. Kieran and Cat starting for both teams with Kieran completing the first Leg of 9.7 miles in 1hr 7 mins in 5th position, and Cat finishing in 1hr 17 mins in 7th position.

Jamie took over for the Hillbillies and Sarah took over for the ‘Dolls’, with Jamie moving up to 4th and Sarah moving up to 6th. Craig took over from Jamie and after gaining a place or two dropped back to 4th again after taking the wrong fork when the path split adding 2k and 10 mins to his run. I (Chris) took over from Sarah and dropped back to 9th but only 20 mins behind the ‘HillBillies’ at this point.

Andy then took over from Craig and after a valiant fight back to 2nd position with under a mile to go he too missed a turn and finished just behind in 4th.

Meanwhile with a strong run Duncan pulled the ‘Dolls’ back 2 places into 7th. The race was won by Sweatshop team ‘Sweaty Staff’ in a new relay record time of 4hrs 40m 30s.
It was a great day out for the club and was really enjoyable and exciting watching the race unfold and, with a bit of luck, the HillBillies could have been better placed, perhaps even competing for 1st position. Thanks to Caroline (Mrs H) for support, and a special thanks to Allan (Mr Cat) for driving and support very much appreciated. We’ll be back next year for the trophy!!  

Leg 1)9.7 mls, Leg 2) 9.3mls, Leg 3) 9.9 mls, Leg 4) 10.5




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