Six of us took part in the Kirkintilloch 10K last night (Thurs 17th June). It was a really warm evening and so I definitely felt that it was a bit of a struggle. Thanks to Mick who came along to ‘support’ us (thanks for the shoving and shouting!). The route was mainly along the canal which was busy with bikes and buggies, and the only other complaint was the lack of a 9k sign (which had been chucked into the canal by some charming young local). Well done to everyone who took part.

John Weir 41:40 (45)
Stephen Jones 43:47 (64)
Caroline Jones 44:16 (71)
Chris Hever 48:28 (116)
Caroline Hassan 49:39 (125)
Laura Muirhead 57:04 (193)

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