Track Development Group


Maryhill Harriers has a dedicated track specialist section for those who want to concentrate in distances from 100m to 1500m. Our main training nights at the club are Tuesday and Thursday with various times depending on the age groups, which are 12 to 14 and 15 to 18.

As well as our club nights we train for track at Scotstoun athletic track on Mondays and Wednesdays, giving you the best opportunity to develop  the right skills and conditioning you will need to come through as a track athlete .

I have been coaching athletes for over 30 years and believe that there is a Olympic Champ right here in  Maryhill to be found, but it takes commitment and dedication. We have athletes that are currently training at the club doing just that, they train hard week in week out. Their running skills at competing are tested at races we go to throughout the country at venues like Grangemouth, Ayr and Livingston. We also do indoor races here at the Emirates in Glasgow .

If you feel this maybe the kind of training you’re looking for, you can contact myself or any other of our coaching staff where we will be happy to discuss what will be best for you.

This is a list of those dedicated runners already training at the club, their chosen distances, profiles and photos of our athletes. Race results will be posted in the Juniors Reports section.

Group A 12-14 Group B 15-18
D. Gordon – 1500m R . Trearty – 1500m
R. Fairhurst – 1500m G. Quinn – 1500m
E. Reilly – 1500m J. Divers – 400m
F. Trearty – 800m L. Henderson – 400m
R. Smith – 400m S. Knight – 100m
A. McGilp – 100m P. Sharma – 100m
Z. Bateman – 100m A. Feeney – 100m
H. Prior – 100m A. Campbell – 200m
K. Tang – 200m T. Smith – 200m