Club Races

Racing by and for the club

As a club we contribute to the Glasgow race calendar by hosting the Nigel Barge 10k. We also organise races for our club members as part of our merit league and our members compete in a variety local and national races, ranging from 3k to ultra marathons.

Nigel Barge 10k Road Race

The Nigel Barge 10k road race organised by the Maryhill Harriers is one of the oldest races in the local race calendar. The race was first run on 1st January 1943 and has kept its place in the January fixture list today. We have also added a 3k Junior race for those aged between 9 and 15.

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The Maryhill Harriers Merit League

The Maryhill Harriers Merit League constitutes 14 races where members of the club receive points for every race they participate in, with the fastest club athlete getting 30 points, followed by 29 points for 2nd fastest, 28 points for 3rd fastest and so on. The points are allocated in this way for both the male and female athletes, with seperate leaderboards.

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