The Club Today

The club today has a membership of approximately 60 people. These members cover a wide range of ages and abilities, ranging from our juniors through to our life members.

It is probably fair to say that the club is split 50:50 between members who have been with the club for many years, and newer members who have only been running 2 or 3 years.

Our strongest section over recent years has been the senior ladies, who have performed well in the DAAA winter league.

As a club we have worked over the past few years to modernise the club and its activities to appeal to runners in the current age.

We train Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and have organised runs once every month on a Sunday.

The club targets the DAAA winter league for both men and ladies. In addition, this year the club had entries in the National Cross Country Championships.

Not every one at the club races and we can accommodate runners who are training for the sheer joy of running.

Over the summer months we have entries in a good number of local races. We also organise our own races within the club, which are usually held on a training night, the emphasis being on fun and a good tea and chat afterwards.