The Beginning

The club was founded on 2nd of November 1888 at Canniesburn Smithy by Gilbert Thomson, John Smith, Eric Langlands and a medical student Peter Marshall who became the club’s first champion in 1889 and initial winner of the Langlands Trophy.

Maryhill affiliated to the Scottish Cross Country Union in 1891 but it took 8 years before winning the juniors C.C. title thus enabling them to compete at senior level, where they finished 2nd in their first Championships. In the earlier years a Maryhill runner finished 2nd in the 1897 junior championships and 3rd in the 1897 championships.

Winning feeling

Maryhill`s first National title holder was the high jumper James Mcfarlane in 1897, jumping 5-71/2. In 1899 he cleared 5-9* several times and was favourite for the scottish title, but injury ended his career as a high jumper. In 1906 George Dallas joined Maryhill and immediately displayed a rare versatility by winning cross country and sprint events.

His first major victory was in 1910 when winning the Western District C.C title, thus helping Maryhill to win the team race. George was selected to run for Scotland against Ireland in 1912 and duly finished 2nd in 880 yards. After the First World War, George with the help of the club secretary Teddy Watt set about transforming Maryhill into a major force in Scottish athletics.