Club Equality Policy

The Maryhill Harriers is strongly committed to equality for all the sectors of the community. It is the policy of the Harriers to ensure that no club personnel will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender marital status, sexuality, employment status, social class, colour, race, ethnic or national origin, religious belief or disability, or will be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which are not relevant to performance level. The club will endeavour to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures do not lead to unintended discrimination.

Where the club is in contact with disadvantaged and/or minority groups/individuals or communities it will, where reasonable, ensure that the specialist requirements of those groups/individuals are recognised and acknowledged.The club through various routes of communication will ensure that the community is aware that all levels of athletes are welcomed at the club. All club members will be coached and encouraged to reach their own personal goals/achievements and maximum potential as a runner. The club also recognises that there are groups in the community where finances could be a possible barrier. The club supports these groups by offering a discount on the annual membership (See membership form for details).

The club will ensure that members are aware that there is equal opportunity for all the clubs services. The club will at all times keep their members up to date with current training courses and coaching/committee vacancies, information will be given on the procedure for application. Information will be discussed both at the committee meetings and on training nights.

The Maryhill Harriers constitution states that all members have the right to train in an environment free from humiliation and discrimination. Any member who commits a serious offence will be asked to resign from the club. The club would ask that any member who witnesses any unacceptable or discriminatory behaviour to make a complaint following the clubs complaints procedure.

The club will ensure that all new members prior to joining be shown the policy and where it is located. The new member will then be asked to sign that they have read and understood the policy and that the club’s equality statement will be followed. In the event that a person has problems with the reading or understanding the contents of the policy they will be given support to do so, the club would point out that this support would remain confidential.

The club’s policies and procedures will be monitored regularly to ensure they comply with this policy. The policy and how it is implemented will be discussed and reviewed at committee meetings. A monitoring system will be introduced which will collect data on the groups who use the club. The data will be assessed and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the club is keeping abreast of changes in legislation and good practice.


  • This policy and these procedures will be regularly reviewed :
  • In accordance with changes in legislation and guidance or following any changes within Maryhill Harriers
  • In all other circumstances at least every three years (Updated April 2017 and due for review April 2020).