What looked to be a cold grey Sunday morning turned out to be quite the opposite as the Maryhill Harriers embarked on the Paisley 10k Road Race. Overcast and muggy, it wasn’t exactly ideal racing conditions as four runners arrived for a 10 o’clock start.

Starting near the front I had more of an advantage than the others who started further back as we weaved through the town within the first kilometre or so. James, Chris and Linda, all starting further back, fought their way through the pack past people already walking after only a few kilometres towards the middle of the race. The course was relatively flat, other than a slight incline on the cycle path, but all four Harriers crossed the line in good times.

A PB for myself, very respective times from the others after various races in the Tour of Clydeside series, and Linda doing a long run the day before. All members of the team performed well in tough conditions, but could’ve been much more had the weather not been strangely tropical.

Official Results:

293 – Finn Boyd 45:11
529 – James Prior 48:23
666 – Chris Hever 50:30
726 – Linda Sinclair 51:35

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