I thoroughly enjoyed running this half so much last year that I returned to do it again this year along with Caroline making her debut and Caroline’s brother Paul who finished two minutes ahead of me last year.

We all turned up at the start line in not at all ideal states of fitness, Caroline had been struggling to run at all of late, Paul had done virtually nothing due to bad hay fever and my hamstring had pinged in a race the week before and it was only with the help of Liz Towers powers of massage on the Friday night that I made it at all.

So we all set of gingerly aiming to run together to the big hill at the six mile mark then do our own thing , that plan lasted for all of 30 seconds when Caroline dropped back and Paul took off down the hill, which left me nursing my thigh hoping it held up. The race goes downhill for virtually 2 miles then 4 miles along the coast, though cloudy was very humid before we hit the “Big Hill” at the 6 mile mark which starts off at a gradient then into a steep section of about half a mile before levelling out a bit to the top at 8 miles. I was too worried about the hill to worry about my leg and when I reached the top I realised my leg didn’t have the dull pain anymore and decided I could go a bit down the 2 mile stretch to the promenade at the 10 mile mark. The last 3 miles is a flat curve along the beach front and you can see the finish getting nearer as you run.

In the end Paul finished 2 minutes ahead of me again and I was delighted to see Caroline finish with a smile on her face after completing her first half marathon in 7 years about 10 mins behind me, though the times really weren’t important to any of us this year we were all really glad to get round and really enjoyed it again. We will all be back again next year to compete in a really enjoyable well organised event. Caroline said that although she was twenty minutes slower than her last half she was just delighted to get to the start line and that she got up the big hill without stopping.


Paul McArthur (Guest Harrier) 1hr 54m 05s 241st
Chris Hever Maryhill Harriers 1hr 56m 46s 273rd
Caroline Hever Maryhill Harriers 2hr 7m 01s 380th 529 Finishers

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