On Saturday the 21st Oct 2017 we had 15 juniors brave the elements to run the first race of the Merit League season- the XC Relays in Maryhill Park.

Due to the excessive rain the week prior to the race, the conditions underfoot were challenging, with ankle deep mud and knee deep puddles in places. The U11’s also had the rain to contend with.

U11’s all run as a complete group with the first three past the post completing a team. This year we had 5 excellent performances some of which were first time runners for the club. This race consists of one small lap- 1.5k.

U13/U15/U17 runners take the traditional relay format with U13 in the first leg and subsequent places being taking up by the remaining age groups. This race consists of one large lap- 2.5k.

A huge well done to all who took part.


Results – U11 – 1) Darryl Gordon-9.10

                            2) Alice McIntyre- 9.29

                            3) Ava Grace- 9.55

                            4) Orla McLintock-10.08

                                Aneesa Gallacher- 10.08


           U13/U15/U17- 1) Frazer Trearty- 11.20

                                       2) Lewis Riddick – 11.31

                                       3) Drew Gordon – 13.07

                                       4) Erin Prior – 13.36

                                       5) Saskia Gorman- 13.45

                                       6) Caleb Gallacher- 14.56

                                       7) Jake Mack – 15.07

                                       8) Lucy Williams – 15.18

                                       9) Maria McGilp- 15.44

                                      10) Hannah Prior- 17.29

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