Approximately 10 months ago our company went through a major merger and as part of the teambuilding efforts I agreed to run the Windsor Half Marathon on 25th September 2017.

Initial thinking had been that Windsor is in a flat part of England and September/October should be ideal Half Marathon PB conditions.

As it turned out it was an extremely hilly route on a freakishly hot day. Coupled with the drag racers using the parameter of my hotel as a track thus eliminating any chance of sleep a PB was never really a realistic aim.

With the PB out the window by 7am the morning of the race the pressure was off and I could enjoy the race and the pretty stunning scenery.

The race starts on the Long Walk in front of the Windsor Castle with a climb of about a kilometre up the first hill. It then has a hilly double loop of 5km to cover the first 10 followed by a hillier wider loop of 11k which finishes back on the Long Walk. With the exception of a minor heat-related wobble at 6km the race went well.

Finished in a Gun time of exactly 1:35 / 1:34:47 chip time. This was one of the slowest times I’ve posted in some time. However due to the conditions it did place as 89th out of 1146 in my age group.

The race was won by Daniel Jarvis in a fantastic 1:09:49 with the lead female Georgie Bruinvels coming in at 1:20:22 (after winning the 10k the day before!).

Positives: Fantastic organisation – really well run, good support throughout, great scenery

Negatives: Hills, heat, more hills

All that said they give out prizes for the top team (top 3 from same club) so definitely up for a club trip next year.

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