The sixth race in the summer series this year took place on Thursday 26 August and was originally planned to be the Bannerman route in Dawsholm Park. However the overgrown conditions and the fact the route got a bit of a doing after the Tour of Clydeside meant we switched back to the original plan of the Xmas handicap route.

A balmy evening made for perfect running conditions and the only initial obstacle was some of the Acre locals surprised to see people out running in a non fleeing capacity.

Craig W started off fast but the real story of the race was Andy’s comeback to competitive club duties for the first time since May (Clyde Stride aside). Pre race Andy suggested he may not be in great form, this was shown to be mince by the time he reached the end of the Acre Path.

On the second lap the field stretched out and many runners noted that the second time along Maryhill Road was a bit of a meander since there were was no runner ahead to focus on like the handicap race.

Overall the race was won by Andy, setting an ominous tone for the upcoming merit league!!!

1st Andy Sutherland: 18m30s
2nd Craig White: 19m57s
3rd Craig Gilmour: 20m47s
4th Mick McCartney: 21m40s
5th Kenny Henderson: 23m52s
6th Chris Hever: 24m22s
7th Lynsey Parker: 24m20s
8th Caroline Hever: 25m08s
9th Margaret Peebles: 26m30s

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