A bright Saturday morning saw me cycle down the Kelvin/canal to Ruchill Park for the second race in the series.

I arrived just after 9am to see Lynsey and the organisers setting up the course, locked my bicycle to a bench and waited to see who else turned up. Margaret had explained the course to me on the previous Thursday so I knew it was undulating and going to be hard.
I had only ever been to Ruchill Park once before for The North Glasgow 5k years ago, so I went for a wee warm up jog, eventually reaching the flag pole at the top of the hill. What a view of Glasgow from here. When I got back to the start a good few others had arrived, Craig W and Fiona, Chris and Caroline, Kenny and Lochlann.

Once off and racing I watched Scott and Craig disappear and I managed to keep with Lochlann for the first lap. Then, in to the second lap Lochlann pulled a good bit ahead of me, however Scott seemed to be tiring a bit so for the later part of the race I tried to catch him, but I didn’t manage it.

Craig had another great run to finish second overall and first Maryhill.
Meanwhile the real race was behind me, between Kenny and Chris, as the course does a couple laps where you pass others, there is an opportunity to see the rest of the runners. From the off Kenny was ahead of Chris, and I said to Lochlann once we had finished that his dad would definitely finish ahead of Chris. Indeed on the final wee downhill to the finish Kenny was ahead, but to be honest looked done in, and not far behind Chris was going strong, and looked like he put his all into trying to catch Kenny. In the end Kenny finished ahead of Chris, however, I think if it had been 5.5km the result would have been different.

Caroline had a super run dipping under 26 minutes on a tough course, and a special mention to Fiona who was really pleased with her time.

I have to say the course and run were really good, it is not flat, but this makes you change pace as you run. Also you would think for doing 2 ½ laps it would seem dull, but the dumbbell shape keeps your interest all the way around. I really enjoyed it.

Maryhill results
Craig W 19:47
Lochlann 21:09
Scott 21:38
Duncan 21:46
Kenny H 24:15
Chris H 24:23
Caroline 25:59
Fiona 31:36
As yet no sign of the series organiser!

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