The third race in the summer series starts at the brow of the hill on Maryhill Rd opposite the park gates, with another good turnout presenting Chris Gunn’s wife Susie making her debut and the series organiser Craig G making an appearance.

The course is quite undulating with the first mile working down to the main gate at the estate, a three quarter loop around the office buildings then down to the stone bridge over the Kelvin followed by a half mile up towards the gate at the vet school, one foot on the speed bump as per instructions, then a fast half mile back to the stone bridge before the last mile which works its way back up to the start. With that in mind it’s pretty important to get your pace right or you could struggle in the last half mile up the hill on Maryhill Road.

Over the first two races of the series a few battles have sprung up but with the absence of Craig W it was up to Scott and Kieran to fight it out for first place. Scott led the pace for the first half with Kieran passing after 3km with Craig coming in 3rd. Fair play award callout to Scott for calling Kieran back when he took a left at the bridge and headed off into no mans land!

The next big battle was between Duncan and the old fox Mick, Mick was determined to reverse the placings from their last encounter and stuck to Duncan’s shoulder for two miles before pulling away in the closing stages so one a piece watch this space.

The next epic battle was between me and young Kenny H a slip of a lad who has beaten me by 8 seconds in both of the previous two races, I was determined not to let him get the treble so I took the day off work, had my hair done and got my toenails clipped and had a bath in beetroot juice, Kenny who normally pulls away in the second mile and gives me too much to make up stayed just in front of me for two and a half miles allowing me to catch and pass him to keep the score respectable.

Then there were the ladies who remained tightly grouped until halfway and then Linda who had finished ahead of Caroline in their past few meetings finally succumbed and Caroline pulled away to finish ahead of Susie and Linda, with Joe then Chris G not far behind.

Mick: 21:35​
Duncan: ​21:55
Chris-H: ​23:54
Caroline*: ​25:12
Susie: ​​25:50
Linda: ​​25:54
Joe: ​​26:35
Chris-G: ​28:49


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