Thursday night saw the first of the summer series 5K races. There were 10 runners completing the race. A clear favourite for first place was Craig and indeed he managed to secure this by a comfortable margin. This left the rest of the pack to settle a few duels.

My own personal battle was with Mick, who was shoulder to shoulder with me along Acre Path at the start. I then edged slightly in front along Maryhill Rd, my immediate thought was I would rather he was in front of me so I could keep an eye on the “race master”. For most of the rest of the first lap I pushed on to try and put as much distance between us as possible.

On the second lap I eased up slightly in case we had a late race battle to the line. Upon passing Caroline for the second time at the turn into Caldercuilt Rd I listened for her support for Mick, I did not hear anything so definitely relaxed a bit more. Once on the last downhill back to the school I glanced back only to see the blue vest about 50m behind. Given Mick’s race experience, I lifted my pace to flat out all the way down to the finish, allowing me to maintain my second place.

The next duel to be settled was the Kenny Henderson triumph over Chris Hever. Despite many Tuesday “training” victories by Kenny he could never transpose these in to race day successes. Chris always managed to use his experience and pace judgement to be ahead of Kenny in a race. However, last night saw Kenny finish in front of Chris under full race conditions for the first time. The margin was small so I am sure there is scope for many further battles over the 5K series this summer, should be good to watch.

The three ladies racing last night all finished within 30 seconds of each other, so again there is the possibility for some close racing over the summer here.

It was great to have Lynsey racing with the club again last night.

Caroline started with us but stopped at Caldercuilt Rd on the first lap to give us support.

The full result were, note the timings were taken by each runner or Strava estimates.

  • Craig W 19m 55s
  • Duncan 21m 48s
  • Mick 22m 00s
  • James 23m 15s
  • Kenny H 23m 58s
  • Chris H 24m 06s
  • Linda 25m 28s
  • Margaret 25m 45s
  • Lynsey 26m 05s
  • Joe 26m 20s          

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