Milngavie Trail Race

After entering this event on a cold winter’s night the race finally arrived on what turned out to be a very pleasant day.  The weather threatened to be too hot for running but with a light breeze the conditions were ideal.

The Harriers were represented by Chris, Fletcher, Linda, Margaret and myself.  Chris had warned me about the first 3 miles being pretty much uphill and never a truer word has been spoken.  Chris and I ran in tandem and some chat made the incline that bit easier.  Special thanks to Danny McGrain who made his debut in running chat.  Some attempted to run up some of the hills and some walked.  The walkers seemed to regain their breath quicker and regained some parity with the runners.  At the summit the view was spectacular.

The race then proceeded through on a slight incline past the Carbeth huts and the feint sound of duelling banjos.  Chris and I got separated at about the 10/11km mark as the incline turned into a steep ravine and my momentum hurtled me downwards amongst the rocks and almost into the back of some poor lady.  With the end of the race in sight the promise of free beer and cakes provided enough motivation for me as it does for most elite athletes.  The race ends with a run up a grass hill which is a strangely tough finish.

I finished in 1:17:12, Chris and Linda just behind in 1:18:13 & 1:20:02 respectively, Margaret in 1:28:16 and Fletcher in 1:44:06.  Results were instant as you typed in your bib number which was handy.

Well known cake and beer fan Nicholas Heaney was the first male in a time of 54:25.  Despite her love of beer and cakes, the very thin Jennifer Rooney took first position in the ladies race with a time of 1:00:45.  In typical Scouting fashion they both won a large stick. 

All in all a very good event with a large selection of cakes and a spot prize draw in which Margaret won £50 of vouchers.  A big thank you to the 20th Glasgow Scouts for a very well run event.  4th Glasgow still rules though.  Dib dib.