At 5 months pregnant I had pretty much decided this may be my last race in a Harriers top for a while so was pretty gutted to arrive to a torrential downpour and the course looking like a swamp rather than a race course. Despite advice from my fellow harriers not to run I decided to give it a wee go and walk the bad parts.

With Caroline and Kenny just visible in the distance I was alerted to any tricky bits by a few near falls from them. It was muddy and wet the entire way round although have to say I was actually really enjoying myself. Up front young Andrew was leading the way with the 2 Craig’s and Scott not far behind. Definitely think Craig G could have got a faster time if he hadn’t been nearly taken out by a Maryhill deer trying to take him out on the 2nd lap. Chris and Kenny battled it out at the back of the boys while in the 2nd lap Caroline gave herself a commanding lead ahead of me and bump at the back

Well done Andrew and Caroline :- our 2016/2017 XC Champions

Thanks to Margaret, Duncan and Kenny for support

Results – Men

1. Andrew Stevenson 30:44
2. Craig White 31:55
3. Craig Gilmour 33:24
4. Scott Coulter 36:15
5. Chris Hever 38:45
6. Kenny Henderson 41:21

Results – Ladies

1. Caroline Hever 44:25
2. Catriona Nisbet (and mini Cat) 45:44

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