On Sunday 16th October we had 12 juniors brave the horrendous rain at Duchess Wood ,Helensburgh to race in the annual XC relays. However the underfoot conditions were ok as the rain only started when we stepped out the car.

U11 raced 1.5k, completing one small loop.
U13/U15/U17 raced 2.5k , completing one larger loop and raced as teams made up of one from each age category.

All the juniors ran very well with some amazing times. A special mention to the U11 girls team for receiving 3rd prize and congratulations Drew with her amazing time.


U11- Erin Prior (9.18)
– Lorna Bateman (9.20)
– Lauren Boyle (9.52)

– Jake Mack (9.33)

Team 1 -U11-Hannah Prior (15.39)
-U13-Drew Gordon (7.01)
-U17- Tamzin Smith (12.13)

Team 2 – U11-LIam Burke (10.13)
-U15-Frazer Trearty (8.53)
-U17- Gillain Quinn (10.19)

Team 3 -U17- Kelly Tang (11.43)
– U17-Amy Craig (9.37)

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