Maryhill had one full men’s team of four and one full ladies team of three and a short team of three men competing at the DAAA X country championships at Duchess Woods in Helensburgh. The route was the usual course of 2.25 miles including twice up the killer hill through the woods though the part of the course on the rugby ground was slightly shorter than usual. It rained throughout the whole event and we stood like the poor relations ge$ng soaked as all the other clubs remembered to bring their gazebos and stayed dry. Despite the rain the course was firm underfoot with no complaints other than “That Hill” which caught a few of the runners out.

There was a welcome return for Mick McCartney who came out of retirement then promptly went back into retirement after the race. Kenny Henderson made his racing debut for the club then promptly retired from x country after the race.

But it was a good day out and we all put in good performances with the highlight of the day being Linda’s encounter with a large hairy man who wandered into the wrong dressing room and got down to his socks before Linda informed him of his mistake.

Thanks to Caroline for her support, Helensburgh AAC for hosting the event and the DAAA for handling the results

The team events were won by Garscube Harriers “A” for the ladies and Garscube Harriers “A” for the Men too

Maryhill Harriers Results:

Maryhill “A”

Mick McCartney 18m 44s

Andy Sutherland 15m 24s

Craig White 16m 45s

Duncan Riddell 17m 39s

Maryhill “B”

Chris Hever 19m 51s

James Prior 19m 57s

Kenny Henderson 22m 01s

Maryhill Ladies

Catriona Nisbet 20m 14s

Margaret Peebles 21m 41s

Linda Sinclair 21m 00s

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