DAAA Cross Country Relays

Maryhill Harriers had a fantastic turnout for the annual DAAA cross country championships in the Posties Park, Dumbarton last Saturday. Two full male and female teams made the trip for a great day’s racing. Given the time of year conditions underfoot weren’t too bad with last week’s rain softening up the ground in some places.
Thankfully the rain held off and apart from a sharp breeze coming off the Clyde conditions were perfect – meaning there was no need for Davie’s gazebo without walls/golf umbrella. There were a couple of great performances from the Harriers including debutant Gianluca who had a fantastic run which was finished off with a sprit finish and comedy skid over the line. Andy also finished a very credible 30th in a tough field. While Iona had the highest finish for the ladies in 21st.
After the day’s racing everyone headed back to Morrison’s for tea and cake but the drama wasn’t over.  And there followed a car-park benny hill sketch as George’s car battery died a death. Pushing didn’t seem to work despite Chris’ best efforts at using the Force to move the stricken motor without actually touching it. It was left to Holly to rescue the B team with a jump start before they could head back up the A82 to Glasgow. 
All in all a great day out.
Men’s A team
Andrew Sutherland 11.53
Craig White 12.29
John Weir 12.43
Gianluca Carelli 12.07
Overall – 49.12
Men’s B team
Chris Hever 14.54
George Young 15.54
Kenny Angove 14.22
David McLenaghan 14.01
Overall – 59:11
Women’s A team
Holly Dear 15.29
Iona 14.56
Catriona Nisbet 16.23
Overall – 46:48
Women’s B team
Caroline Hassan 16.00
Linda Sinclair 16.18
Margaret Peebles 17.38
Overall – 49.56

Overall male winners: Garscube 43:18
Overall female winners: Dumbarton 39:03