Sunday 1st brought a warm,humid but surprise! surprise! dry morning in Helensburgh. The club was well represented by 6 Maryhill Harriers (forgive me if I’ve missed someone!)

It was good to catch up with Chris after his Island -hopping.
Always one of my favourite routes, it’s amazing how much hillier it seemed than I remember! Out west for 5 miles, turn just past the Peace Camp, back to follow the 10k route along the high road past the school, with the final mile back west to the pier.

Winner was Ben Melby (Garscube) in 1h 12m 06, 1st lady, Leanne Hamilton (Kilbarchan) in1h 24m 42 (36thoverall)

Maryhill finished in:

74th; Mick McCartney 1.28.53
106th; Andy Sutherland 1.32.46
115th; John Weir 1.34.40
262nd; Caroline Hassan 1.50.52
295th; Fletcher Murdoch 1.54.58
321st; Chris Hever 1.58.38

Well done to Caroline for a superb pb performance. Support was much appreciated, at various points, from Isobel in particular, forgive me if I don’t remember other folk, but it was well supported generally, which certainly gave me a good lift.

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